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Neuroception – or listening to our instincts

I have been reading a new book by Stephen Porges, called Poly Vagal Safety. It covers lots of different knowledge about how we detect stress and feelings of threat. Without going into the theory in too much detail, one of the things that Porges is known for is creating of the word ‘neuroception’, which defines […]

World AIDS Day – December 1st

Today marks World AIDS day – a day where we focus on the ongoing support of those living with HIV and AIDS, and on funding further research and medical advances which protect people and save lives impacted by the disease. I have worked for many years with people living with HIV and AIDS, and there […]

Action for Happiness – December 2021

It’s December – yet another month has passed, and we are at the fresh beginning of a new one. This month is one which many people can find difficult and painful in some ways – but, as this Action for Happiness calendar shows, it’s the very small things which can make a difference to others, […]

National Stress Awareness Day

The phrase ‘Stress Awareness Day’ always makes me laugh a little; after all, who on earth is unaware of their stress? But that’s not what it really means; stress awareness day is more about being aware of the stress others might be experiencing – and how we can do small things to help alleviate it. […]

Halloween and mental health

 In years gone by Halloween wasn’t much of a ‘thing’ – perhaps there would be some candles, some treacle toffee if you were lucky, and a turnip lamp – but it wasn’t really celebrated the way that it is now. Whether it’s from movies or a globalisation of what was once American culture, there’s no […]

National Coming Out Day

Rainbow flags, gay marriage and Queer culture are far more openly discussed, celebrated and shared than they used to be – but we still have a long way to go before the world sees the LGBTQIA+ community as wholly equal to cis, straight identities. In just two generations we have gone from homosexuality being illegal […]

World Mental Health Day

I wrote last year about World Mental Health Day, and the pressures that the mental health care system was facing, particularly in response to the pandemic, which impacted people in a plethora of different ways. https://www.amandaburbidge-counselling.co.uk/2019/10/31/world-mental-health-awareness/ I said 12 months ago that people were being left waiting for help that was urgently needed – and […]

National Do Something Nice Day

Kindness is an underrated trait – one which is so very important, and still regularly dismissed as making a person ‘weak’ or ‘a pushover’ because there are those who will take advantage of that kindness. Kindness – the act of giving something of oneself for the benefit of another, however that manifests – is a […]